How to hack level in Dead by Daylight 1.5 with Cheat Engine

It is possible to crack level in Dead by Daylight v. 1.5, as well as bloodpoints easily and safely by using Cheat Engine.

For what in general breaking of level in the game is necessary?
— It is necessary to increase level quickly to unlock all 4 perk slots or unclock all perks and stuff.
— It is necessary to lower the level when you don’t want to reset your unlockables after 50th lvl.
To hack level in Dead by Daylight you need:

  • Cheat Engine program
  • Character with level 1-48
  • A lot of Bloodpoints to up 1-3 levels. To get a lot of BP you can  hack it

How to hack Level

  1. First of all you need to turn off Steam Cloud for the game. Go to Steam > Library > right click on Dead by Daylight > Properties > Updates. Untick “Enable Steam Cloud…”.Steam Cloud Dead by Daylight
  2. Then you need to bypass EasyAntiCheat and launch the game:
    • You can do it manually:

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      • Go to your firewall and block internet for file SteamsteamappscommonDead by DaylightDeadByDaylight.exe
      • Reboot PC
        • Thanx to DJMisha from for this bypas method!
    • Or use special program for that (recommended):

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      How to use:

      1. Disable all antivirus and firewall sofware
      2. Run DBD_Bypasser.exe as admin and start the game using this program. Once game is launched you can close the program.
      3. Use CE to hack whatever you want

      dbd bypaser

  3. When the game starts go to Loadout > Bloodwebhow to hack level in dead by daylight
  4. Launch Cheat Engine and choose “…Dead by Daylight” process in the process list.
  5. Check your level number in the game and type it in search field in Cheat Engine. Set “Scan type” to “Exact Value” and “Value type” to “4 bytes”. Press “First Scan”.how to hack level in dead by daylight
  6. In the left window there will be founded values. For accuracy you need to eliminate them. For this purpose in game gain one level. Write down new value into the field and press “Next Scan”.how to hack level in dead by daylight
  7. Repeat the previous step until there are 1-5 values left. Select all received values and drag them in the lower window of the Cheat Engine. There again select them and press on the right mouse button on them. In the appeared menu go to Change record > Value. Type any whole value from 1 to to hack level in dead by daylight
  8. Well Done! You just changed your Level in the cracked to hack level in dead by daylight

To play online:

  1. To play online:
    If you used manual bypass: delete all rules for “DeadByDaylight.exe” in firewall, remove EasyAntiCheat folder from Steam\steamapps\common\Dead by Daylight\ and reboot your PC;
    Go to Steam > right click on Dead by Daylight > Properties > Local Files > Verify integrity of game cache and wait
  2. If you used automatic bypass: reload the game.
  3. Now you can join the lobby!

Do not enable Steam Cloud after hacking!

This way to hack level is undetected and 100% safe.

Video tutorial

Video tutorial #2

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  1. If you happen to have a survivor at level 50 is there any way to get them to a lower level.

    1. Nope. I think the only way to do that is to delete profile and start from beginning.

    1. There was no patch. The game is still v. 1.2.1
      And yes, this still works fine

        1. 如果你没有在游戏中花了大量的时间,最好是不包括。这是有风险的。

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