How to hack Blood Points (BP) in Dead by Daylight 1.5 with Cheat Engine

Howdy! Want to hack your blood points in Dead by Daylight without being banned? Read this article and you’ll be able to do this!

Right after game release you could hack your Blood points by installing hacked profile with millions of BPs. But developers fixed this and set 500k BP limit. With 500k you can upgrade only few levels… That’s why you here! Today I’m gonna show you how to hack BP easy.
To hack Bloodpoints you need “Cheat Engine” program. You can download it here:
You also need to get some BP’s, at least 10000.
WARNING!!! Don’t forget to do a backup of your profile files!
Turn off Steam Cloud before hacking!

How to hack Bloodpoints in DbD v. 1.3 – 1.5

Ok, guys, let’s begin. Each important step is illustrated, so if you don’t understand something just look at screenshots.

  1. First of all, you need to turn off Steam Cloud for the game. It is necessary, if you don’t want to get banned.
    Go to Steam > Library > right click on Dead by Daylight > Properties > Updates. Untick “Enable Steam Cloud…”.Steam Cloud Dead by Daylight
  2. Then you need to bypass EasyAntiCheat and launch the game:
    • You can do it manually:

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      • Go to your firewall and block internet for file SteamsteamappscommonDead by DaylightDeadByDaylight.exe
      • Reboot PC
        • Thanx to DJMisha from for this bypas method!
    • Or use special program for that (recommended):

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      How to use:

      1. Disable all antivirus and firewall sofware
      2. Run DBD_Bypasser.exe as admin and start DBD using this program. Once game is launched you can close the program.
      3. Use CE to hack whatever you want

      dbd bypaser

  3. After the game starts go to Loadout > Bloodweb and look at your BP count.
  4. Launch the Cheat Engine an choose Dead by Daylight process in the process list.
  5. Enter your BP number in “Value” field. Set “Scan type” to “Exact Value” and “Value type” to “4 bytes“. Press “First Scan”.how to hack bloodpoints in dead by daylight
  6. In the left window there will be founded values. For accuracy you need to eliminate them. For this purpose in game spend points in bloodweb. Write down new value into the field and press “Next Scan”.how to hack bloodpoints in dead by daylight
  7. Repeat the previous step until there are 1-3 values left. Select all received values and drag them in the lower window of the Cheat Engine. There again select them and press on the right mouse button on them. In the appeared menu go to Change record > Value. Type any whole value from 0 to to hack bloodpoints in dead by daylight
  8. Well Done! You just hacked your Bloodpoints.7
  9. To play online:
    • If you used manual bypass: delete all rules for “DeadByDaylight.exe” in firewall, remove EasyAntiCheat folder from Steam\steamapps\common\Dead by Daylight\ and reboot your PC;
      Go to Steam > right click on Dead by Daylight > Properties > Local Files > Verify integrity of game cache and wait
    • If you used automatic bypass: reload the game.

  10. Now you can join the lobby!

Do not enable Steam Cloud after hacking!

This way to hack BPs is undetected and 100% safe. Good luck in the game!

Video tutorial for 1.3 and 1.3.1

Video tutorial #2

Troubleshooting and FAQ

    • Q: After hacking I can not join lobby. (EAC error code 1)
      A: Reboot your PC, delete EAC folder and check game files in Steam. If it didn’t help, just wait few hours.
    • Q: Cheat Engine doesn’t let me do my first scan / Cheat Engine finds nothing
      A: Reboot your PC after blocking internet in firewall
    • Q: Will i get banned?
      A: Nope. Just turn off CE beofre you go online
    • Q: What will happen if I enable Steam Cloud after hacking?
      A: You’ll probably get banned.
    • Q: When can I enable Steam Cloud after the hack?
      A: It’s better not enable it at all. There is no 100% true information or statistics about it. Some guys were cheating with Steam Cloud and they got ban. Some guys were doing the same and nothing happend to them. You can turn on the cloud, if much time has passed since the hacking, but it is more risky than leave it turned off.

Outdated FAQ:

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  • Q: Cheat Engine aren’t letting me do my first scan / Cheat Engine finds nothing
    A: Reboot your PC and unpack EAC folder again (step #3)
  • Q: When I hit cancel, the game doesn’t continue to start
    A: Click faster / Try to reboot your PC and do the 2nd step again
  • Q: When I click cancel the game starts with black screen and doesn’t work.
    A: Launch the game from Steam client.


147 thoughts on “How to hack Blood Points (BP) in Dead by Daylight 1.5 with Cheat Engine

  1. Hi.. So, if I download the automatic EAC bypass, there is no need to block on firewall and delete the rules after? ty

  2. They fixed the firewall-bock 🙁
    Could you investigate for a new way pls?

  3. So, I hacked the bloodpoints in 1.2, is it safe to re-enable Steam Cloud?

    1. If you do then u won’t get caught, you will just lose all progress made without it enabled, you will go back to the point right before you hacked it. Would make you lose all that progress and waste your time.

  4. I cannot delete the EAC folder after doing it becase it says i wouldnt have the rights to do so. Googling didnt help and i couldnt find a solution. YOu have any tip for me ? dont wanna start the game before deleting and veryfying again. Thx in advance

  5. Hi thank you for the updated guide…is it safe to leave steam cloud if i have over 600 hours now? i used the Guide with the old CE and spent milions and prestiged 3 6 characters thanks.I will donate today to support you.

    1. Hey! Thanks for donation! I think you won’t be banned if you leave steam cloud on. Yesterday I suddenly uploaded my saves to the cloud and nothing happend.

      1. Yes thanks but i have a problem..
        So i have done everything you said and hacked the BP..but then the Cheat engine crashed and i restarted the game but this time the Dead by daylight icon loaded up and i could see easy anti cheat service in task manager and i still used cheat engine after.i didn’t touched firewall what happened there? was really EAC started and got me?

        1. I can’t tell you what happend. 🤔 But I don’t think EAC could load when you were cheating. It loaded somehow when you restarted the game.

          1. Do you have to unlock all items in the bloodnet by hand or are there tipps/scripts by you to automate it? btw ill donate for your good job. keep it up!! 🙂

          2. But theres actually no way to duplicate any item because of decryption?? :((

  6. Hi! thanks for the awesome tip. Can i enable Steam Cloud some days after the hack? I have 240 hours in game. ty

    1. If you want to lose everything you changed with and after the hack then go for it! 😉

    1. thanks man !
      Why hack this patch (1.3) is so different than previous version 1.2 ?
      I see 1.3 has some update in EAC folder.

        1. can you duplicate a special item/addon like BPs and levels, cause i dont know how? (if yes how?)

          1. Nope, items values are encrypted somehow. They can’t be hacked with CE

  7. after blocking connection from firewall, the first scan shows no results.. help? maybe tutorial on blocking the connection with firewall? thanks

    1. Hi,

      I see the guide now says to turn off Steam Cloud and leave it disabled forever. Is due to something that was patched recently (right in 1.3?) or is it a precaution? About a month ago this wasn’t needed, and my altered save hasn’t caused me any trouble since then.
      Also, with the new method it seems that we don’t need to replace and disable EasyAntiCheat, did I get that right? Won’t EAC detect something? 😮

      Thanks for keeping this page up-to-date so quickly!

      1. EAC won’t detect, because it won’t launch :). It works only with internet
        Turning off Steam Cloud it’s precaution for dummys who gains 50 lvls with only 5 hours played

        1. So what if i have played for hundreds of hours? If i turn on Steam Cloud while having used a lot of Bloodpoints on 1 character, would i be banned too?
          Oh, and i very much appreciate you sharing all this.

  8. Did this got patched? My windows gives me a notification that i cnt move or rename the EAC folder cause its opened in another progrmm ( said that even after a reboot of my computer)

    1. If it got ‘patched’ a sum of people would have been wave banned. Anyway I was able to rename the folder just now.

  9. dude i want to use speed hack with old eac,(new eac can not speedhack) when i join the match, i see error message : “Kicked from server
    You have been kicked from the server because of failure to validate your account through Easy Anti-Cheat (error code 1)”
    do you know how to fix this? thank you.

  10. hmm doesnt work for me anymore, whenever i spend bloodpoint and do next scan, it finds nothing, maybe i’ve suddenly started doing something wrong? idk

  11. All worked and thanks.

    I encountered 1 thing. After every online match now when your points getting summed up I get left sided my current point count (the one that counts upwards after a game) and on the left side ( I think there should be total amount ) is a MINUS like ” -17000″ and that one counts upwards as well. depending on my points of the game it stays in the minus area or goes slightly above 0. I get all blood points afterwards but the display shows this disturbing “-” … Is there any way to solve this or is this dangerous to have in order to maybe get banned ? Thx in advance

        1. I’ve just played online (after hacking ofc) and nothing like that happend. It seems you broke the game in some way)

          1. seems so haha. well Ithe disappeared after 2 or 3 games. then I did some editing on the bloodpoints again, spend them before closing the game and restart with default settings and EAC and nothing happened either. Before I spend them after I set everything back to default. maybe it was that idk. Although. I’m new to the game. 14 hours into it. how much you think is “safe” to generate so it won’t be obvious. I did 1 survivor to level 19 and 1 killer to level 13 so far cause I’m scared of overusing it.

  12. So to sum it up:

    – Never enable again Steamcloud
    – Be aware of obtaining achievments. Dont do sth like Prestige 1/2/3 in a day. Prestige Like every week 1 time. Also dont push achievment based characters to 40 all day. let some time go by!
    – Stay ingame afk for a couple of hours if u r not at home cause if u have only 100hrs but all chars 40 + prestige 3 its obv u hacked bp.

    Just my small advices for u guys 🙂

  13. Hey, I did this step by step and for some reason, I still can’t get this to work, I even followed the troubleshooting. AntiCheat loads the first time I set it up and shows me the game loading after I have to click everything and then try and hit cancel. If i dont the game doesn’t even start so I have to double click it again to get it to start, from there AntiCheat doesn’t load. I’ve removed the file multiple times, restarted and tried the first two steps over and over again, even turning off my AntiVirus completely to insure this was not stopping it and I’m still running into issues. I even uninstalled DBD and Reinstalled it to test if that was the issue but nothing works. AntiCheat never loads after the first time I get it to load, BUT it always loads before the game is up. I can’t even get to the processing menu because I can’t even get the first step to work, any suggestions would be great!

  14. the devs said this on their stream: Permanent bans will be given to cheaters, hackers, those who go around EAC

    do you think they have found a way to find out who is cheating? and what happens if you’re done cheating and you enable steamcloud afterwards, can you still get banned? mine is disabled but just wondering.

    1. I don’t think so. If they really could, they won’t tell everyone before doing that))
      Careful cheaters won’t be banned. Just don’t go online with old EAC and CE, don’t enable Steam Cloud and they would not catch you.
      You can enable Steam Cloud, but it risky. I think they detect cheaters by comparing Achievemnts with played time.

  15. So i have a question and admin please answer,i hacked a lot of BP but i never disabled steam cloud,the achivements are not a problem since i got delay days between obtaining them for now i got only the prestige 1 achivement,so what are my chances of getting banned?

  16. i was using this hack before u updated the guide to turn off steam cloud , am i screwed? 😀

    i got like every adept x achievment in a day so , am i doomed xd?

  17. So as long as I don’t have the cloud thing enabled while doing any of this, & should be safe? Only re-enable it after I put the correct anti cheat file back in my DBD folder?

      1. never reenable it even after i’ve spent the points and want to play online?

  18. Shit wish you had said to disable cloud sync as the first step, rather than just in the introductory paragraph. I think I’m probably screwed ;_;

    1. You can empty your Steam Cloud for this game. Just google how to empty Steam Cloud, empty it and then don’t enable it again. Copy the saves between computers if you have to.

      1. Thank you for your response, by chance, do you know if all my progress will be deleted? Like will I have to start all over from level 1 if I delete the cloud folders?

      1. Where did you get this information? Also do you happen to know what triggers the ban? Is it done automatically or manually requiring someone to report?

        1. Developers threaten to ban those who modify saves or cheating with CE. So, if you upload modified save file into SC, they can check it.

  19. How much do you have to spend BP to get a flag? Is it safe to generate 500k BP every 2 days and spend them?

  20. Is there a way to straight up edit the number of items in game like flashlights and medkits instead of getting them 1 by 1 from the Bloodweb? I tried scanning it out but nothing comes up.

  21. Hello, why do you have to turn off cloud sync and what happens if you re-enable it after hacking blood points on your profile?

    1. If there is no value, then EAC is still working. Look in the end of this post

  22. can we just spend all of our bloodpoints after we do this, or will it raise a red flag?

    1. I think yes, but don’t gain too many levels at once. And don’t spend too much BPs, if you are new in the game.

  23. Anyone tried on the new 1.2.0 patch ?? Wondering if the didnt change cheat detection somehow and also is it possible to cheat the new shards ?

  24. I see your blog is similar to my site. Do you allow guest posts?

    I can write interesting & unique content for you. Let me know if
    you are interested.

  25. Dose this cheat still work in the current build in the game I want to use this method again but I do not know if they patch it out or fix it

  26. Thanks for this man, its so frustrating looking for games to get bloodpoints and it takes so long just to find one, and to make it worse most games i get in are laggy and unfair or the killer is a camper. I also suffer from empty lobby simulator. This helps me get something to help me upgrade which i think is perfectly fair in my book for how hard it is to get a game and get on average 10k bloodpoints which takes 30 minutes minimum.

  27. So i managed to do it,worked perfectly,managed to make like 5 characters from lvl 1 to level 30,is there a risk to get a ban for it ? cause i am really scared about it.

  28. When i try to change the value of the bloodpoints it won’t work cause the value by himself it’s keep changing and moving,do you know what is it ?

  29. What happens if I accedently did an online game with the old version of EAC?

    1. Omfg. What did you do to get flag?
      Seriously, tell me, I’ve been cheating this way from July and still have no ban

      1. probably few hours and too many achievements. Don’t unlock everything at the same time, wait a few days pl. unlock the wratih items and wait 2-3 day.

  30. It doesn’t work anymore. Everytime I try to change the value it just crashes the game now. Any ideas why? Please update.

      1. NOO dont work, i press the cancel buttom but the game dont startet and now? ;S

  31. Hey in 1.1.1, will it not get me banned 100% ? because i do want bloodpoints, but not flags

  32. Hey, so I’ve been using this method for a while but recently when I try to press cancel the game actually cancels and I can’t do the Bp cheat. Is there any way to fix this

  33. Just want to add, i did everything in the video/guide. im pretty sure that i clicked cancel on the loading section (although mine fills up in about a second) but my CE doesn’t detect any values (replaced EAC folder)

    1. Looks like EAC is still active in your case… Press cancel more quickly))

  34. Works great. Here’s a tip, the bloodweb is super slow, but you can use CheatEngine’s speedhack feature to fill up the bloodweb very quickly. Also, I recommend freezing the bloodpoints value so that you never lose any while buying.

    1. The game won`t let me change the Value. I did every step but I can`t change something.

    2. how did ya freeze the blood points im sure its simply im just missing it i guess haha

  35. This isn’t working for me, I’ve replaced the easyanticheat files but when I click cancel before it fills, it doesn’t launch. I’ve tried the value thing anyways but that didn’t do anything either.. Maybe a video tutorial would be nice

      1. Any word on then the video will be released? And is it mandatory to back up the save files? If so how can we go about that

        1. I’ll try to release the video tomorrow. Backing up saves is precaution for some incidents like spending all of your BPs or breakinkg saves.

          1. Oh good. Hopefully the video is clear enough. Also, does downloading the Last Breath DLC effect any of this?

          2. Well I actually managed to open the game without the bar filling to full after multiple attempts, but the BP value thing still won’t work. Am I doing something wrong?

  36. I use CE to set the LV to 50 directly and prestige level III. However, i miss the teachable perks for that character. How can i fix it?

    1. You can get teachable perks at level 30, 35 and 40. So you need to set your level to 30, 35, 40 somehow.

  37. Hello. I need help. Im trying to turn off EAC before start game but when i did it i can do anything in cheat engine.. Im trying everything but nothing. I have 8bytes everything what u say and nothing. Please Help Version 1.1.1

  38. Hey man, I have a problem. After second scan, I only got one address and After editing this value. The bloodpoints are not actually changed. After click new items, it just go to the negative value and when I exit bloodweb and reenter, It back to the previous status.

    1. Hi! It seems that you are editing only visual value. Try to set “value type” to “all”.
      You also can try to exit bloodweb after spending some BPs before the second scan to be shure that “true” value is changed.

      1. Thx man, it actually works now. I have changed 8 bytes to 4 bytes. Thought I don’t know why. But it does cracked now. Thank you again.

  39. Hey, could you update the site please? Would be nice to get this working for the new patch, because I tried so much but nothing worked anymore.

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