Dead by Daylight profile saves

Hacked profile saves for the game, maximum level and more…

The easiest and the safest way to cheat in Dead By Daylight is to use hacked profile saves. To do that you just need to download and replace hacked .profjce files.
So far (27 Jul 2016) there are no posts on forums from banned player who used hacked profiles. That is why this way to cheat is the safest.
This profile safe contents all characters with 3rd prestige and 50 lvl, 500 blood points (maximum), all perks and many items.


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Direct link to archive with save file: max_lvl_500k_pb_all_perks.rar


  1. Disable Steam Cloud for this game.
  2. Go to the Steam/userdata/ folder then search there «ProfileSaves». It will find folder, open it.
    Inside ProfileSaves folder you’ll find .profjce file. This is your profile save with your ID in its name. Save this file somewhere, copy it’s name and delete it from «ProfileSaves».
  3. Unpack downloaded profile to ProfileSaves folder and rename it with copied name (your_id.profjce).
  4. Well done! Now go to the game an check the result.

Video tutorial

12 thoughts on “Dead by Daylight profile saves

  1. Hi. Can You add save file with nurse and Michael Myers? With no prestige?

    1. Sorry, put they can not be transfered by saves. Try to hack them with cheat engine

      1. I was thinking for save file with then with 50 lvl with perks and stuff.

  2. I’m guessing it’s not safe to turn on steam cloud sync after this one either? Was thinking about letting the game run for a couple days while gradually unlocking some achievements (adept, prestige, etc) and change the save files after.
    Also do you happen to know if you can receive the Uber/Mini/Legacy Prestige items next patch while cloud sync is turned off?
    Either way thanks for your help and this site!

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